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Crime: Breaking & Entering
Location: John Fleming Road
Date: 8/13/18

Detailed Information
Crime can be too easy to ignore—until it happens in your own backyard. Even the most unlikely locations in our community are not exempt from criminal activity. When you witness unlawful activity or gain information about an unsolved crime—it’s your call. So make the right one—call Pitt-Greenville Crimestoppers. At Pitt-Greenville Crimestoppers, we know that we can’t eliminate criminal activity, but we rely on people like you in the greater community to help us prevent it, stop it, and solve it through support of our program. You can join us in the fight against crime—just pick up your phone. Give us an anonymous crime tip if you see something suspicious or make a donation to our cause--both will be an investment in your, and our, community’s safety.