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Unsolved Cases

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Crime:Animal Cruelty
Location:   Wooded Area
Date:6/27/17 at 7:56pm
At 7:56pm on Sunday, June 27, 2017 Pitt County Animal Services received a call from the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch, regarding a report of an injured or abused dog that had been found tied to a tree in the wooded area between Mayes Circle and Pam drive, in the Pactolus community. The on-call Animal Control Officer arrived at 8:36pm, and found the dog, which was determined to be a female Terrier/American Pit Bull mix, to be severely emaciated and very weak, but able stand and move by itself. The dog was then taken to the Pitt County Animal Shelter, where it was given food and water, and held for further evaluation on Monday.Due to the severity of abuse, this case if being referred to the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office for further investigation. All questions related to investigations and potential criminal charges and should be directed to the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office.Pitt County Animal Services is viewing this incident as a strong reminder once again of the critical need for a positive and interactive relationship between animal services, law enforcement, and the community. Without the assistance of the residents who discovered this animal and alerted authorities, this dog would most likely not have survived much longer in its present conditions. Additionally, those responsible for this abuse may not have been sought out. If animal abuse or neglect is suspected in your community, some of the signs to look out for include: severe fur matting, filthy coat, open sores or obvious wounds, severe flea/tick infestation, underweight with visible bones, lack of food and water, lack of adequate shelter, lack of sanitation, abandonment, chains and padlocks embedded around the animals neck.Animal cruelty can be reported by calling Pitt County Animal Services at 252-902-1726 or 911 if during an emergency. A full list of how to identify and report animal neglect and cruelty can be found on the Animal Services page of the Pitt County website at